Elastic is a visual theme editor and theme engine for WordPress and a new approach to WordPress themes. We think that theme options aren’t enough—themes should be easy for anyone to edit. We believe that user-friendly fast WordPress theme editing can produce developer-friendly themes, all for the price of free.

Elastic was originally a project in the Google Summer of Code in 2009, but continued to grow after the summer ended. There are several main working parts behind Elastic: a visual theme editor, a theme engine, and a set of protocols that link the two. If you’d like to learn more about Elastic, you should check out the WordCamp slides and demos and the PHP documentation (to be updated soon), or even better—you should contact us!


Daryl Koopersmith is a junior studying computer science at Washington University in St Louis, currently visiting the University of Edinburgh. He began work on Elastic with WordPress during the Google Summer of Code 2009, and has since developed the habit of overanalyzing WordPress themes and dreaming of beautiful interfaces.

He would love Elastic to become the de facto theme editor for WordPress, but can’t do it alone. He’s a student, you know. Basically—you should contribute!