Definitely a blogger wants to post articles in his blog then and now as a reader needs daily consumption.  But the ground reality is that it is quite hard to blog daily and post articles in the site. It is a common known fact that, it is hard to earn from a single blog. Obviously this situation pushes a blogger to run multiple blogs but maintain them is the biggest task in front. Hiring a worker is too costly but on the other hand there is plugin which can do this job for a blogger. It is nothing but auto blogging plugin which can do the job easily for a blogger. Though there are many plugins available online, following can give you an idea about the best and top 5 auto blogging wordpress plugins that can make a blogger’s life easy.

But before going in to the analysis it is better to know an overview of this kind of plugins. These plugins post articles based on the keyword and niche the blogger configures. It also increases the traffic indirectly there by increasing the revenue.


WPRobot - Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

This is one of the best autoblogging plugin available. You can add fresh content daily based on the topic and keyword that you give as input. WPRobot plugin posts contents to blog at regular intervals of time. There is an added feature in the plugin which converts an article into different languages before posting it. This gives you a 100% unique article which Google’s search engine loves.

You can also add affiliates like amazon, ebay, clickbank ads, and yahoo answers and much more in your post. All these happen with your full control.


AutoBlogged - Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

Autoblogged is the next best plugin for sites using wordpress. It is the best tool to build your automated blog network and make money from those in no time. All that you need to do is to type keyword and resource in the admin panel after which you get your blog in minutes. Source here means Google blog search, Yahoo, MSN and much more from which articles will be extracted.

AutoBlogged provides support for image and video. You can even build a video blog using this plugin. it is worth spending few dollars to make this plugin yours which can earn you hundred times more than its price.


ZipPoster - Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

ZipPoster helps to avoid duplicate contents which a blogger and Google hates. You can rewrite PLR contents and publish them in the blog by setting up a timestamp. You can schedule the post even for a year.

One best thing about this ZipPoster is that, you can use this plugin for multiple blogs but pay only once.

PLR to WordPress

PLR to WordPress - Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

This is one of the best autoblogging plugin which can help you to import your PLR articles into wordpress and publish the same. This is a plug-in which suits a blogger who really doesn’t care of the uniqueness of the article. If you are one among them then this is the best plugin for you.


Datafeedr - Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

Datafeedr is a simple plug-in which doesn’t need any coding knowledge or a programmer to configure it. You can easily do it by yourself. This is a best plug-in to create an affiliate shop in the wordpress. It embeds an affiliate shop which helps you to get more traffic flow.

Datafeedr is the best companion for all kind of people who really want to shine up in affiliate marketing.  You need not touch any datafeed files like other plugins to setup the store. A beginner can even make up a blog by which he/she can improve the revenue.

There is no doubt that this plugin can save your TIME a lot while providing increase in traffic and revenue.

Your Turn

What do you think of autoblogging? If you find something missing here, kindly share it in the comments below.

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